Tuareg (in Burkina Faso), Adar, Shanun Adar (in Hausa), Tagana, Azawa, Azawal, Azawaje (in Fulani), Arab (in Niger), Azawak and AzaouakDamerghou
Sahel Zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Very well adapted to drought; suitable for beef and draught; coat colour is usually a mixture of red and white, black and white or fawn with white patches.
Main Location: 
Found in the Azaouak valley in a vast, windy depression stretching 3’to 7’E Longitude and 15’to 20‘ N Latitude covering the arid eastern Mali in the Niger River bend through southern Niger to parts of northern Nigeria.
These zebu breeds are believed to have descended from the Indo-Pakistani Zebu, which entered the Horn of Africa by way of the Persian Gulf and South Arabia. Arabian immigrants spread the zebus to the south and west over the continent from 669 BC. Curiously, the name Arab is used to name cattle types in the Sahel. The conformation (short horns and medium hump) suggest that these cattle have descended direct from the spread of short-horned zebu from eastern Africa, and remained in the arid environment of Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.