Arab Shuwa, Arab Choa, Wadera
Sahel Zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Typical shorthorned zebu cattle; considered to be good dairy animals; used by women for riding and as pack animals; coat colour is usually plain red, and sometimes black and patchy.
Main Location: 
Found throughout cattle keeping areas of Chad (except south-west), northern and north-eastern Nigeria and the extreme north of Cameroon.
Phenotypically the Shuwa are zebu; however, they are considered to have some blood of humpless Shorthorn cattle that were once indigenous to the area. The Shuwa cattle are known to have been brought to the region by the migrant Shuwa Arab nomads. As is evident from their wide distribution, the Shuwa cattle are influenced by the North Sudan Zebu in the east and by the Fulani in Cameroon.